What is Twitcom?
Twitcom is a twitter’s tool that allows you to create, Join and interact with twitter users groups.
These groups are called Nests.

How do I do to enter/create an Twitcom account?
You just have to click  and login your twitter account, same username, same password.
If it’s the first time you using Twitcom, click “allow”.

How do I join a nest?
Just click in a “Join nest”
If you want to leave, just click “Leave Nest”

How do I create groups?
After you login just click “Create a Nest”
You can choose if this nest will be free or private.

What is Home?
Home is where is concentrated all the tweets from users’s nests that you Joined
You can also choose among the nests that you joined, which one you’re  going to send your tweet.

Why it doesn’t show anything on my home?
Because you’re not Joined on any nest or because there is no tweet on the Nest.

What are Requests?
If you create an private group the users will need your permission to join the nest.
This requests are going to show in “requests”, then you can choose if you approve or not.

What is nest owner?
It is a list of all Nests that you have created, the ones which you are the owner.

What are my nests?
The nests you participate.

How do I edit the groups description?
Go in to “Nests Owner” and click on top of the description, it will open and you can change it.

How do I change the groups picture?
Click in “Nests Owner” and below the groups’s picture you can change it, click in “Edit Picture”.

What I tweet on Twitcom will show on Twitter?
You can choose.
If you want, click on “also post to twitter”.
If you don’t want to, unmark the option “also post to twitter”.